Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Buff

Brickyard Buffalo is one of my favorite sites for fun and unique items at a discounted price. BB has great customer service and I love that they support (many times) female entrepreneurs who are trying to get their name and brand out.  In their own words they are "an online pop-up market that showcases individual companies and their freshest items".

There is always a variety of items for sale- lots of woman's and children's clothing and accessories and the cutest home goods. I've talked about my love for BB and their cute finds here, here, and here (clearly obsessed) and am now even more excited that Brickyard Buffalo just launched Baby Buff. A whole site dedicated to cute baby items you most likely haven't seen before!!

If you're like me and do a quick sweep of your fav social media/blog/shopping sites over your morning coffee or juice, add Brickyard and now Baby Buff to your rotation- such cute stuff that sells out fast!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Addison's Big Girl Room

Metallic Dottie Sheet Set- love that these sheets are fun but not too little kid print
Beachcomber Oversized Basket- we have this storage basket downstairs and it's so useful I thought Addison needed one in her room for all her extra blankets and stuffed animals
Deer Head- obsessed with this above her bed and keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't scare the shit out of her when she notices it. 
Uptown Bed and Storage Trundle- loving the quality of this bed and since we got the trundle too it adds lots of extra (clothes!) storage and another bed when we need it for siblings or sleepovers. 
Textured Wallpaper- by far my favorite part of her new room! Since I wasn't wallpapering in the 70's this was my first time and it definitely took about 8 calls to my mom. I wallpapered by myself which actually wasn't too hard but painting this navy took 3 coats and every ounce of patience I had in me.
Striped Mandala Bedding- was totally shot down by Matt when I asked if it would be weird if we got the same duvet for our bed.

The switch from her crib to her big girl bed went much better than I thought it would. I've heard all the horror stories and the advice to keep toddlers in their cribs as long as you possibly can. I never thought Addison would climb out of her crib and she never did- she leaped out and landed on her head. The first night in her big girl bed was a struggle to get her down. She kept getting up when Matt or I would leave and wanted us to stay laying in bed with her. After 2 hours I finally did out bedtime routine again and locked her door behind me since we could see her on her monitor. She started crying when I left, got up and went to the door, jiggled it and stood there for about 5 seconds, walked back to her bed, got in and went straight to sleep! It's been super easy ever since for bed and naps, except for the fact that she now wakes up between 5 and 5:30 every morning instead of her usual 7 in her crib. She walks into our room and peeks her head around the door and says, "hello? mama?" It's seriously as cute as 5 am gets. We walk her back to her bed and she'll go to sleep or just lay in bed quietly until about 6. We're tired. Like all phases though, I'm sure this won't last long and if I have to have a wakeup call, I'm loving this one. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Freshly Picked Carryall

We are huge fans of Freshly Picked moccasins so when I heard they were launching their new Carryall bag my heart about skipped a beat. I've been looking for a bag like this for months and I love FP's leather and quality. This bag can be used as a purse, beach bag, diaper, bag, you get the point.

They released colors and pictures a few days ago but didn't release the price. I wonder if they know that this prompted a two day panic attack. They did say that they would go on sale on Thursday at 10 mountain time, so 9 am CA time. I teach two classes on Thursday mornings and that was right in the middle of class. Based on experience with their other launches either their website shuts down from too much traffic or everything sells out in about 4 seconds. I actually tried to figure out how I could order the bag mid class but that clearly wasn't going to work.

Thankfully, my friend who works the front desk at the studio offered to let me know how much they were right when they went on sale and then use my credit card to order me one if I wanted. She held up a sticky with the price right at 9 and after a thumbs up my confirmation email come through about a minute later. Class didn't even skip a beat :) Thanks Jillian!

Oh hey, see you soon lovely.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Newest Adventure

I started taking The Dailey Method when the Roseville studio opened in 2010. A girlfriend of mine had been taking TDM in the city and and swore by it so I kept googling it in our area and was SO excited to see it was finally coming! I remember being super nervous taking my first class because it was something so new to me but I also felt pretty confident since I had been active and working out my entire life.

I called that same girlfriend from the parking lot after that first class to tell her that:
1- I was completely hooked.
2- I couldn't even press the gas pedal I was still shaking so bad.
3- I managed to spend way too much money on new workout clothes the studio sold.

It was completely different than any other workout I had done. My confidence I walked in with went right out the window when I couldn't touch the barre during barre stretch and when my leg shot down to the ground when told to "elevate it off the barre." My legs were shaking incredibly bad during thigh work but the uncontrollable leg shaking in round back was just ridiculous. I was humbled but at least I looked cute in my new workout clothes.

Each class was (and still is) a learning experience. It never "gets easier" because in each class you can get a little lower or a little deeper. I started achieving goals I had created for myself in class and loved  feeling stronger every day. Each teacher had a different style and I found myself preferring different teachers different days- they were all great.

Fast forward to early 2012 when the Roseville owner and a partner decided to open a studio in Folsom- right around the corner from us! I was super pregnant with Addison and had been taking class 4-5 times per week throughout my entire pregnancy. I felt strong and loved how TDM was supporting my body through pregnancy so I jumped on the opportunity to train to teach. At the time I was working in pharmaceutical sales selling an osteoporosis drug. Leaving that company I was grateful to take the knowledge I had learned there about the spine and spinal alignment directly into my teaching.

I love the community of TDM, the practice and what the brand stands for altogether. In March of 2013 Matt and I decided to really pursue getting more information about opening a studio. After months of researching we decided that it was the perfect fit for me and our family. Almost a year to date after first reaching out to the TDM founders, I signed our lease for the studio- talk about official!

July 2013- mailing the paperwork to create our LLC- ACE Fitness (Addison's monogram) 

March 2014- Signing our lease at Arden Town Center!

The "before" photos

I just wrapped up the 2014 Owners Retreat at the beautiful new Fairfax studio that our founders, Jill & Doug, just opened. There are about 55 studios throughout the US, Canada, Paris and Mexico and being around these strong, smart, accepting and super fun women was such a great and memorable experience.

It's an insane amount of work but each day I'm choosing to build this studio with determination, passion and energy and I hope that our students feel that vibe each time they walk in the door. And one the of the biggest bonuses of this all? Sweet Addy will come with me many days to our onsite childcare. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to open later this summer!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dance Party Friday

We are headed up to Tahoe for a night to celebrate our best's big birthday- maybe I'll even stay up past 9... we'll see! Can't wait!

Loving this one-

TDM- April

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One of Each Wednesday

diptyque Baies Candle- New favorite staple in the house, perfect scent for spring

Bobbi Brown BB Cream- It's taken a little trial and error but I've found my fav BB! This one is the prefect consistency to wear by itself or under foundation for extra coverage.

Stripe Circle Skirt- So cute I had to get the matching dress. There's something about a diaper butt in a skirt!

H&M Patterned Dress- My sister got Addy this dress and it's just too much.

Flora Print Fabric Plimsoll- Zara Baby, the best place for shoes! Canvas Tote- Did your heart skip a beat when these were on Brickyard last week? Got one just in time before they sold out!

Joe's Jeans Mindy Sandal- Not the most comfortable things I've ever worn but perfect for spring.

Gazillion Bubble Machine- This has brought Addison more smiles than I can count! A great gift for a little one this summer

Schylling Rainbow Music Spin Bells- My dad got this for Addy for her birthday and she loves to give it a good spin and play music. Hopefully she develops a little more musical talent than her parents have!

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